This amazing program makes sure we dont just tell you the price you want to hear and then come back later and ask for a price reduction.  We not only search all area sales for comparison, but we also go through a comprehensive Pre-Listing  program to ensure you home is ready and compelling. These things vary with each home and its needs but we can completely refurnish your home if nessessary durring the staging process,  if your home is vacant we may opt for virtual staging. We have professional photography availabe, Drones may be used, We can create floor plans and 3D virtual tours for the listing, We have a data base of buyers that we can draw on to sell your home. We use targeted marketing and put your home in front of thousands of prospective buyers.  I have been selling Real estate in Halton for 12 years and was a business owner here before that. Having grown up here ( for over 50 years)gives me a better ability to show prospective buyers the advantages of living in our area.  
About our Keep the Commission offer.  The term of this offer are that the Seller and Tom Snow must agree to the lowest price that the seller will accept.  And it referrs to the listing portion of the commission only. Not all homes will be a good fit for this offer.  Please give us a call to see if it is suitable for your home.  For it to work correctly there needs to be enough similar homes that have sold in the area to establish a reasonable basis for the price in todays market. So country properties and unique home will not be a good fit for this program. We have other special programs to fit unique homes.  Call me for details.