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Tom Snow

Broker of Record

Tom Snow is a lifetime resident of Milton and his 88-year-old father still works the farm that’s been in their family since 1922.
Tom learned about the importance of hard work and determination watching his father, and he’s passing those values and ideals on to his children. From taking part in charity bike rides, to giving Christmas trees to families unable to afford one, he believes you reap what you sow and works hard to help build a stronger community. It’s a community Tom knows deeply, right down to the soil that new homes are built on, since some of them are built on land his family used to farm.

Tom wants to help his clients put down deep roots just like his family did so many generations ago. If you’re thinking of buying or selling a home in the Milton area, or you just need a mortgage, contact Tom Snow and his team today.
Like a mighty oak tree, when families put down roots in the land, great things can grow.
Tom Snow’s family goes way back in Milton. Tom, his father,  and his father’s father were born in Milton and lived on Snowbrook Farms, their family’s land since his grandparents moved from the north side of Milton to the south side in 1922. Tom’s father was born on the farm in 1930 and took over running it at the young age of 16 and is still cultivating it today, doing everything that needs to be done, including driving combines through the fields. He turned it into a thriving business that’s still going strong, one that Tom helped grow too. 

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